February & March – A Stargazer’s Delight

With almost no light pollution in our cloudless skies, Nueces River RV and Cabin Resort is ideally located to view millions of stars every night. Make a wish upon a star, discover a fascinating new hobby, or just lie back and enjoy the celestial spectacle. Reserve now to view the majesty of the heavens from our Earthly Texas Hill Country Paradise.

Big Stars Go Bump


Look to the southeast horizon-ideally with the aid of a telescope-about 20 to 30 minutes before sunrise and you’ll hopefully catch a clear view of Jupiter and Venus. If you’re only viewing with the naked eye, the planets will appear as bright dots and be nestled close together. Of course, the planets only appear to touch – in reality, Venus is about 73 million miles away from Earth, and the gas giant Jupiter is nearly 558 million miles away.


Jupiter and Mercury are barely above the east-southeast horizon during dawn, but on the morning of March 5, they will be engaged in a very close conjunction, separated by just 0.35 degrees. Mercury will sit just to the upper left of much brighter Jupiter. The solar system’s biggest planet handily outshines the smallest by a factor of 7. Bring ordinary binoculars to view these two planets about a half hour before sunrise.

Three Ways To Star Gaze At Nueces River RV & Cabin Resort

Three ways to stay! Turn your tent, cabin, or RV site into your star-base. Just step outside to scan the sky or hike a little way from the resort to get the maximum dark sky effect. The weather is usually around 70ᵒ this time of year, so it’s perfect for sky-watching.